Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So, after getting the XPERIA RAY here is the list of the MOST NEEDED apps to be installed on the phone. If you are wondering on HOW TO INSTALL APPS on the XPERIA RAY! then the answer is ANDROID MARKET, RENAMED to be PLAY STORE. PLAY STORE is available on your first menu screen of your XPERIA RAY by default.

Here is the MOST NEEDED APPS list for the XPERIA RAY:

1. File Manager ( Rhythm Software )

As th XPERIA RAY don't come with a pre installed file manager, this file manager will allow you to access your files and directory structures from your storage. File Manager ( Rhythm Software ) is for FREE DOWNLOAD on the PLAY STORE.

2. Apps 2 SD

Apps 2 SD is another app you will be needing while operating your new XPERIA RAY. This software allows you to MOVE APPS FROM PHONE MEMORY TO SD CARD safely and easily. APPS 2 SD also allows you to clear the cache memory that the apps occupies on the phone memory. You can DOWNLOAD the free version on PLAY STORE for FREE. For the Pro Version you have to buy it.

3. Opera Mini

On the matter of browsers, I will prefer you to use the Opera Mini web browser on your XPERIA RAY. Thats why I have added this browser on the list of MOST NEEDED APPS list on the XPERIA RAY. It is also FREE to DOWNLOAD on PLAY STORE.

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