Friday, April 27, 2012

HD Games Review On Xperia RAY OFFICIAL ICS v 4.0.3

               I have tested many HD games on my xperia ray which is updated with the official Ice Cream Sandwich Update v 4.0.3 to let you know how these games will work or not in this ICS rom.

               At first I got disappointed  by three of my favourite games which are GTA 3, Asphalt 6 and N.O.V.A. 2. All these games are from gameloft so I have to say that these three gameloft games are not working on the ICS rom of xperia ray.

               Then I tested two more games which I play sometimes are Angry Birds and NFS Hot Pursuit. These two games kinda satisfied me on this rom. Angry birds runs fine on this ics rom. NFS Hot Pursuit also works on the ICS rom but I found the sound is a bit buggy but everything else were fine.

So here is the detailed results of the HD GAMES on ICS :

  1. GTA 3 : Hangs up or force closes after 5-10 ,inutes of gameplay.
  2. Asphalt 6 : Control is buggy gmaeloft have said that they will provide the the bug fix for their customers soon.
  3. N.O.V.A. 2 : This game currently not support the ICS rom.
  4. NFS Hot pursuit : No lag issue played it for hours, sound is little laggy.
  5. Angry Birds : Works fine.
                 Here is a video test done by me:

                So at the conclusion I have to say that who likes to game always on their xperia ray should stay at the gingerbread rom right now because ICS is not supporting all the HD Games right now.


  1. i have xperia ray 2.3.4 android version and i

    have downloaded shadowgun.
    but after the entire game is installed and i

    start playing, the game keeps pausing

    automatically and menubar keeps on coming.

    Please help me with this!

    1. It should work on Xperia Ray. If you have bought the game try contacting MADFINGER Games Support, and they will come up with solution.

    2. same proble in my all games xperia ray so pls me

  2. Do u plz publish how to root ray having 4.0.4 ... Without downgrading....

  3. im using SEX Ray with CynogenMod 9.1,i can play Asphalt 6 lol!!