Saturday, April 14, 2012


Sonymobiles have launched their xperia ray official ics update yesterday. But they have aired this update only to some countries and as they have mentioned they will roll out it within a few weeks in the other countries including china, india, united kingdom etc.

This xperia ray official ics update is currently only available on these countries: Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway.

As sonymobile have mentioned already and I also personally tested this sweden rom on my xperia ray, this ics update is so laggy. It eats up a lot of RAM and if you are a android gamer as me I recomend you not to update your xperia ray with ics. Because I tried playing a 3d game which runs fine on gingerbread is lagging too much in the ics also sony mobile have not provided any option to downgrade to gingerbread again. If you are not a advanced android user, after the ics update you will be unable to downgrade to gingerbread as I did and your gaming on the ray will go in vain. But we all are excited to try the ICS update on our xperia ray and hope that Sonymobile will roll out the official ics update for xperia ray in india soon. I will be keep updating here with any news that comes up.

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